How to buy bitcoin at Walmart

Buying bitcoins at Walmart is expensive but possible. Actually, you can’t make a purchase directly, but you can buy bitcoins with Walmart gift card.

Certain peer-to-peer cryptocurrency marketplaces have such option. You will overpay some amount of money, but for some people, this way is more convenient and easy than, for example, online credit card or bank account transaction.

The largest marketplace that offers this option is LocalBitcoins. As of today, there are dozens of different sellers will gladly exchange your Walmart gift cards to bitcoins. Fees, time and the terms of the transaction vary depending on the vendor. Some vendors accept only physical cards purchased with cash. Some accept eGifts too. The minimum amount of transaction starts at the $10 with the release time from 5 minutes. It is expensive, but easy and anonymous method to purchase Bitcoins.

The same goes for another marketplace, Paxful. You just buy Bitcoin cards at Walmart and exchange them later to BTC. They have less available vendors, but still you may find the best offer. Also, you can use those cards to shop at Walmart.

So, can you buy bitcoins at Walmart? Certainly yes, it is possible! This is a costly method, but anonymous and easy. Buying bitcoins at Walmart won’t require any complicated verification process that you may experience while purchasing with Paypal or Credit card, and this is a large benefit.


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